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Democrats to nominate Biden virtually to circumvent Ohio law loophole

The Democratic National Committee has found a creative solution to ensure that presidential candidate Joe Biden will be on the ballot in Ohio and all 50 states for the upcoming election. Despite a potential obstacle in Ohio law, the DNC will nominate Biden through a “virtual roll call” ahead of the convention in Chicago, allowing […]

Democrats must navigate a challenging 2024 Senate map in their efforts to preserve majority control

The 2022 midterm elections saw Democrats defying political expectations by maintaining their Senate majority, with every incumbent securing reelection and John Fetterman flipping a formerly Republican seat. However, looking ahead to the 2024 elections, Democrats face a challenging map, with much riding on President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. Former President Donald Trump, set to be […]

Senator Schumer informs Democrats of plans to reintroduce bipartisan border legislation

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is set to bring a bipartisan border deal negotiated earlier this year by a group of Senators back on the floor for a standalone vote. This move comes as Senate Democrats aim to revitalize their efforts on the Southern border in anticipation of the 2024 election. In a letter to […]

Why is President Trump hosting a campaign event in the predominantly Democratic Bronx?

Former President Donald Trump is making headlines again, this time for a campaign event in the Bronx, one of New York City’s five boroughs. The Bronx, known for its strong Democratic leanings, is not a typical stop for Republican candidates, but Trump’s visit is part of a larger strategy to win over minority voters. Although […]

An Arizona judge and his lawmaker wife team up to repeal an 1864 abortion law.

In a recent and contentious debate in the Arizona Senate, conservative lawmaker Shawnna Bolick found herself in a difficult position. The discussion revolved around the repeal of an 1864 law that prohibited nearly all abortions. Democrats were hopeful for at least one more vote from the right to advance the bill. Shawnna Bolick, visibly emotional, […]

Arizona judge and his lawmaker wife team up to revive 1864 abortion law, only to later join Democrats in repealing it

In a recent pivotal moment in Arizona’s legislative history, Shawnna Bolick, a conservative lawmaker, found herself at the center of a contentious debate regarding the repeal of a 1864 law that prohibited nearly all abortions. While Democrats sought additional support from the right to push the bill forward, Bolick surprised many by sharing her personal […]

Democrats Push for Accountability for GOP Threats to Reproductive Rights

In an effort to unseat incumbent Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), Democrat Lucas Kunce is centering his campaign messaging around reproductive care restrictions. Kunce’s recent ad campaign accuses Hawley of endangering reproductive care, specifically targeting in vitro fertilization (IVF). The emotional ad features a Missouri mom named Jessica who tearfully recounts her struggles with infertility and […]

Some Maryland Democrats like former GOP Gov. Hogan, but do not want him in the Senate

Maryland Democrats Face Critical Decision in Senate Primary As the primary election looms in Maryland, Democrats are faced with a critical decision that could impact control of the Senate and the future of their party. With the retirement of Senator Chris Van Hollen, the race to replace him has become a high-stakes battle between candidates […]

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