Some Maryland Democrats like former GOP Gov. Hogan, but do not want him in the Senate

Maryland Democrats Face Critical Decision in Senate Primary

As the primary election looms in Maryland, Democrats are faced with a critical decision that could impact control of the Senate and the future of their party. With the retirement of Senator Chris Van Hollen, the race to replace him has become a high-stakes battle between candidates vying for the opportunity to take on popular former Republican Governor Larry Hogan in November.

In a heavily blue state where Republicans have not won a Senate seat in over four decades, the outcome of the primary election is crucial. Ten candidates are in the running, but the leading contenders are Congressman David Trone and Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks.

For many Democratic voters, the primary is not just about choosing a candidate they believe can defeat Hogan, but also about ensuring that the Senate seat remains in Democratic hands. The stakes are high, with Democrats defending a narrow majority in the Senate and facing twice the number of seats on the line compared to Republicans this year.

The divide among Democratic voters is evident, with some like John Fischer casting their vote based on experience and the ability to defeat Hogan, while others like Lisa Hartman are swayed by endorsements from party heavyweights. Trone, a self-funded candidate who has poured millions of dollars into his campaign, has faced criticism for his aggressive advertising tactics, with some voters expressing concerns about the influence of money in politics.

Despite the negative campaigning and fierce competition, both Trone and Alsobrooks are positioning themselves as the candidate best equipped to lead Maryland forward. Trone points to his track record of winning elections in Republican-leaning areas, while Alsobrooks emphasizes her experience as a local official and her commitment to issues like economic opportunity, education, and reproductive rights.

As the primary election draws near, Maryland Democrats are grappling with a choice that goes beyond individual candidates. It’s a decision that will shape not only the outcome of the Senate race but also the future direction of the party. With so much at stake, Democratic voters face a weighty responsibility in determining who will carry their banner into the general election. The outcome of the primary will not only determine the candidate who will face Hogan but also set the tone for Democratic unity and strength in the state.

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