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Majority of American TikTok Creators Do Not Believe a Ban is Imminent

A recent survey conducted by the influencer marketing platform, Fohr, revealed that the majority of US TikTok creators remain unfazed by the potential ban of the app within the next year. Despite Congress passing a law that could lead to TikTok separating from its Chinese parent company or facing a nationwide ban, 62 percent of […]

Tory peer Lord Ranger may be banned from Parliament for drunken outburst

Lord Ranger, a former director for transport policy under Boris Johnson, has been embroiled in controversy after a report detailing his aggressive behavior towards a group of individuals. The report stated that Lord Ranger had “acted aggressively, shouting and swearing”, while also calling the group “useless” and invading their personal space. Lord Ranger did not […]

North Carolina legislators introduce bill to prohibit public mask wearing, citing concerns about crime

In North Carolina, Republican lawmakers are moving forward with a controversial plan to repeal a pandemic-era law that allowed the wearing of masks in public for health reasons. The legislation, which recently cleared the Senate in a 30-15 vote along party lines, has sparked intense debate and opposition. The bill would not only repeal the […]

Proposal to prohibit sex education for children under the age of nine

The government in England is set to introduce new guidelines that will ban schools from teaching sex education to children under the age of nine. The proposed ban also includes plans to prohibit any teaching about gender identity to young children. According to a government source, teachers will be required to make it clear that […]

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