Proposal to prohibit sex education for children under the age of nine

The government in England is set to introduce new guidelines that will ban schools from teaching sex education to children under the age of nine. The proposed ban also includes plans to prohibit any teaching about gender identity to young children. According to a government source, teachers will be required to make it clear that gender ideology is a contested topic if asked about it.

The current statutory guidance on relationships and sex education, which schools are obligated to follow by law, is currently being reviewed. The National Association of Head Teachers has expressed concerns that the review is politically motivated, as there is no evidence to suggest a widespread issue with pupils being exposed to age-inappropriate materials.

The review was initiated by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak after worries were raised about children being exposed to inappropriate content. The government believes that clearer guidance on what should be taught will provide support for teachers and reassurance for parents.

The new proposals, which are expected to be announced on Thursday, will outline which topics should be covered in sex education and at what age they should be introduced. This move aims to ensure that children receive age-appropriate and accurate information about relationships and sex education.

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