Majority of American TikTok Creators Do Not Believe a Ban is Imminent

A recent survey conducted by the influencer marketing platform, Fohr, revealed that the majority of US TikTok creators remain unfazed by the potential ban of the app within the next year. Despite Congress passing a law that could lead to TikTok separating from its Chinese parent company or facing a nationwide ban, 62 percent of the creators surveyed expressed their belief that TikTok will not be banned by 2025. This confidence is likely fueled by past failed attempts by the Trump White House and Congress to crackdown on the popular app.

While some creators have reported brands pausing or canceling campaigns on TikTok, the overall sentiment among influencers is that sponsorships have remained largely unaffected. This is likely due to TikTok’s popularity as a platform for consumers to discover new products, especially from small businesses. In fact, TikTok has been expanding its influence in the ecommerce space through features like TikTok Shop, with 11 percent of US households making purchases through the platform since September 2023.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s future, creators have not experienced a significant drop in engagement on the platform. The survey found that 60 percent of creators reported consistent video views, with some even seeing an increase in engagement. This indicates that creators are continuing to produce content and engage with their audiences despite the potential ban looming.

In the event that TikTok does face a ban, creators have identified Instagram as the best alternative platform to grow their audience, followed by YouTube. However, some creators have expressed concerns about Instagram’s limitations compared to TikTok, such as the lack of a program similar to TikTok’s Creativity Program, which rewards users based on engagement metrics.

Overall, the survey highlights the resilience of TikTok creators and their adaptability to potential changes in the social media landscape. As TikTok continues to face challenges, it will be interesting to see how creators navigate these uncertainties and capitalize on new monetization opportunities on the platform.

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