One important tip for safeguarding your car from the increasing threat of keyless vehicle theft

Auto theft is on the rise, with thieves taking advantage of new technology to steal cars in seconds. The evolution of auto technology has led to the use of wireless key fobs and push-button starters, making it easier for thieves to intercept the signals and steal vehicles. As a response to this growing issue, experts are urging carmakers to enhance security measures and educate owners about the risks.

One effective way to protect your car from theft is to use a signal blocker such as a Faraday bag or pouch. These devices are lined with a conductive metal mesh that blocks electromagnetic signals, preventing thieves from picking up the fob signal. It is important to test the effectiveness of the signal blocker by placing the key fob inside and attempting to unlock the car. Additionally, remember to always use the blocker when leaving your vehicle and include all key fobs, including spares.

Another old-fashioned solution is to use a physical lock on your steering wheel. This added layer of security can deter thieves by making it more difficult to steal the vehicle. While using a physical lock may require extra time and effort, it can significantly reduce the risk of theft.

For those looking to disable the wireless settings on their car, there are options available depending on the make and model. Consult your owner’s manual or watch instructional videos online for step-by-step guidance on how to deactivate the wireless signal. Some cars may also have motion sensors in the key fobs that go into sleep mode when not in use, preventing unauthorized access.

In addition to these preventive measures, drivers should be aware of new theft techniques targeting the controller area network (CAN) in modern cars. Thieves can exploit the CAN system by injecting signals to unlock and start the vehicle. To counteract this threat, drivers can consider investing in aftermarket electronic immobilizers that render theft tools useless.

Overall, it is essential for car owners to stay informed about the evolving methods of auto theft and take proactive steps to safeguard their vehicles. By implementing these security measures, drivers can reduce the likelihood of falling victim to car theft.

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