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Japanese town installs screen to block tourists from snapping photos of Mt Fuji

The picturesque town of Fujikawaguchiko in Japan has recently taken measures to combat overtourism and overcrowding by putting up a large black screen to block the view of Mount Fuji from a popular sidewalk spot. Known as a place that offers some of the best views of the iconic Japanese mountain, the town decided to […]

Companies like Google, Meta, OpenAI commit to developing AI responsibly as Seoul AI summit begins

Artificial Intelligence Companies Pledge to Develop Technology Safely SEOUL, South Korea — The world’s leading artificial intelligence companies pledged at the start of a mini summit on AI to develop the technology safely, including pulling the plug if they can’t rein in the most extreme risks. World leaders are expected to hammer out further agreements […]

Trump campaign denounces Cannes film ‘The Apprentice’ as ‘blatantly false,’ promises legal action

The recent premiere of the film “The Apprentice” at the Cannes Film Festival has sparked controversy and legal threats from former U.S. President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign. The film, directed by Ali Abbasi, stars Sebastian Stan as Trump and Jeremy Strong as Roy Cohn, depicting a fictionalized account of the president’s rise in the 1980s. […]

Court in London to determine extradition fate of WikiLeaks founder Assange to US

The legal battle for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues as a London court ruled on Monday that he can appeal against his extradition to the United States on espionage charges. This decision is likely to prolong an already long legal saga surrounding Assange, who has been indicted on 17 espionage charges and one charge of […]

There are risks in companies attempting to appeal to a larger number of smartphone users in Africa

Access to mobile phones and the internet has revolutionized the way people in sub-Saharan Africa live and work. In countries like Ghana, where infrastructure and public services are lacking, technology has played a unique role in bridging the gap and improving livelihoods. Anita Akpeere, a chef in Ghana’s capital, relies on her smartphone to receive […]

Kevin Costner Discusses Premiering His Western Saga ‘Horizon’ at Cannes

Kevin Costner arrived at the Cannes Film Festival to showcase his self-financed passion project, “Horizon: An American Saga.” The multi-chapter Western saga, with the first installment titled “Horizon: Chapter One” set to hit theaters on June 28, has been a labor of love for Costner for over 30 years. Costner, known for his directorial work […]

Indonesia welcomes the launch of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service, connecting the world’s largest archipelago

Elon Musk Launches Starlink Internet Service in Indonesia On Sunday, Elon Musk traveled to Indonesia’s resort island of Bali to launch the Starlink satellite internet service in the world’s largest archipelago nation. Musk, wearing a green Batik shirt, was greeted with a garland of flower petals at a community health clinic in Denpasar, the provincial […]

Taiwan shifts away from Beijing, sells more to the US than China

Taiwan’s Shift Towards the United States: A Strategic Move Away from China In a world where geopolitics constantly shape the global economy, Taiwan is making strategic moves to distance itself from China and strengthen its ties with the United States. The island nation, facing the looming threat of Chinese aggression, is increasing its economic and […]

Young women from a Rio favela aspire to overcome violence and represent their community in the Women’s World Cup 2027

Title: Dreams and Challenges: A Teenager’s Journey from Favela to Women’s World Cup A 20-minute drive separates the historic Maracana Stadium from the Complexo do Alemao, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most impoverished and violent favelas. In this community lives 15-year-old soccer player Kaylane Alves dos Santos, whose dreams of playing for Brazil in the […]

DoJ arrests individuals involved in North Korean identity theft scheme targeting IT workers

The Justice Department announced multiple arrests in a series of complex stolen identity theft cases that are believed to be part of a wide-ranging scheme that generates significant proceeds for the North Korean government, specifically for its weapons program. The conspiracy involves thousands of North Korean IT workers who are sent abroad by the government […]

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