Trump’s VP candidate’s stance on LGBTQ+ issues evolved as the election drew closer

Trump’s VP candidate’s stance on LGBTQ+ issues evolved as the election drew closer

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum is not a household name on the national stage, but he is now being touted as a top choice to be former President Donald Trump’s vice presidential running mate. Burgum, a wealthy software entrepreneur, has led North Dakota with a CEO mindset, focusing on business-oriented initiatives such as income tax cuts and tech upgrades for state government.

Despite not being particularly vocal on social issues, Burgum faced criticism for signing anti-LGBTQ+ bills passed by the state’s Republican-led Legislature. However, his actions were seen as strategic as he had launched a presidential bid that ultimately floundered.

Burgum’s background as a software executive and businessman has influenced his governance style, which is centered on economic issues rather than social concerns. He has implemented tax cuts, cybersecurity enhancements, and regulatory reforms, showcasing a focus on innovation and efficiency in government operations.

Although Burgum’s stance on LGBTQ+ issues evolved over time, with him initially vetoing bills but later signing restrictive measures, he has generally steered clear of outspoken advocacy on such matters. Similarly, his handling of abortion laws in response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade underscores his preference for a more conservative approach to social issues.

After ending his unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2023, Burgum announced that he would not seek a third term as governor, signaling a shift in his political trajectory. While his actions have generated mixed reactions, Burgum’s tenure as governor highlights his dedication to economic growth and efficiency in government operations, positioning him as a possible contender for higher office in the future.