Transforming His Deceased Father into a Chatbot: The Remarkable Story of One Man

The concept of using artificial intelligence to recreate the presence of deceased loved ones is no longer just a plotline in science fiction novels – it has become a reality thanks to advances in AI technology. One individual, named James, transformed his chatbot into an app and business known as HereafterAI in 2019, enabling users to bring their deceased family members back to life in a digital form.

While James acknowledges that the chatbot cannot eliminate the pain of losing his father, he finds solace in the interactive experience it provides. He describes it as a “wonderful interactive compendium” that allows him to revisit memories and conversations with his dad that he would not have otherwise.

In addition to HereafterAI, there are companies like South Korea’s DeepBrain AI that take the concept of AI resurrection even further. DeepBrain AI creates video-based avatars of deceased individuals by recording hours of video and audio to capture their appearance, voice, and mannerisms. The company boasts that their avatars bear a striking resemblance to the original person, with a 96.5% likeness.

DeepBrain AI believes that their technology can play a significant role in fostering a “well dying” culture, where individuals prepare for their own deaths in advance by leaving behind a living legacy in the form of AI avatars. However, this cutting-edge technology comes at a hefty price – users must pay up to $50,000 for the filming process and creation of their avatar.

Despite the steep cost, investors have shown confidence in the popularity of such ventures, as evidenced by DeepBrain AI’s successful fundraising efforts that garnered $44 million in their last funding round. This indicates a growing acceptance and interest in utilizing AI to preserve memories and maintain connections with deceased loved ones in a digital form.

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