Tiger Woods’ return to Valhalla for practice round before PGA Championship marks continued comeback 24 years after ‘Tiger Slam’ quest.

**Tiger Woods Returns to Valhalla for PGA Championship Practice Round**

Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer, has made a return to Kentucky’s Valhalla Golf Club for the PGA Championship, marking his second major appearance of the year. The course holds special significance for Woods, as it was the site of the third leg of his famous ‘Tiger Slam’ back in 2000.

During his practice round at Valhalla, Woods displayed his skill and determination as he teed off on the 10th hole and took multiple chip shots to familiarize himself with the course. This course holds a special place in Woods’ heart, as it was here that he continued his pursuit of golfing greatness by winning the PGA Championship in 2000.

Back in 2000, Woods was on a historic run, having already secured victories at the US Open and The Open Championship. His triumph at Valhalla solidified his place in golfing history and set the stage for what would later be known as the ‘Tiger Slam’, a feat not achieved by any other golfer.

Despite facing tough competition, Woods maintained his composure and eventually triumphed in a three-hole playoff against Bob May to secure the Wannamaker Trophy. This victory not only added another major title to his impressive resume but also set the stage for his remarkable run of winning four consecutive majors.

As Woods prepares to compete in this year’s PGA Championship, he will be looking to bounce back from a disappointing performance at the Masters, where he finished last among those who played all four rounds. With his sights set on another major victory, Woods remains a formidable contender on the golf course.

Stay tuned for Thursday’s first round pairings and tee times to see how Woods fares in this highly anticipated tournament. Don’t miss out on the latest updates and news from the world of golf by visiting DailyMail.com for all the international sports coverage. Tiger Woods’ comeback journey continues at Valhalla, a place where golfing history was made, and where legends are born.

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