The Most Beautiful Roadway in America: A Scenic Route to Yellowstone National Park

Montana’s Beartooth Highway is not just a scenic drive; it’s an experience. Stretching almost 69 miles from Red Lodge to Yellowstone National Park, this highway offers a breathtaking journey through the Beartooth Mountains. Known as the “Highway to the Sky” and “The Most Beautiful Roadway in America,” Beartooth Highway lives up to its reputation with stunning mountain views, tight switchbacks, and the chance to spot wildlife like moose and grizzly bears.

However, don’t let its beauty deceive you — Beartooth Highway can be a challenge, especially early in the season when frequent closures due to weather are common. The road opens in late spring and remains drivable until mid-October, offering a narrow window to experience its majesty.

For those venturing beyond the highway, Beartooth Highway is the perfect gateway to Yellowstone National Park. The road leads to the park’s Northeast Entrance, known for its abundant wildlife and proximity to the Montana-Wyoming border. Travelers can also choose to continue over Beartooth Pass Summit to the towns of Cooke City or Silver Gate, Montana.

The recent opening of Beartooth Highway aligns perfectly with the launch of Montana’s Great Wide Open, a series of road trips guiding travelers through the state’s diverse landscapes. Included in these routes is a three-day journey through the Beartooth Mountains and an eight-day road trip covering 1,319 miles of Montana’s most scenic areas.

Before embarking on a drive along Beartooth Highway, always check road conditions and weather updates. The Montana Department of Transportation oversees the highway up to the Montana-Wyoming border, while the National Park Service maintains the road within Yellowstone National Park. With its stunning scenery and unique wildlife sightings, Beartooth Highway is a must-do drive for any nature lover. So pack your car, hit the road, and let the adventure begin.

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