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Another setback for Taiwan’s tourism industry as April earthquake strikes

The earthquake that struck Taiwan on April 3, with a magnitude of 7.4, has had lasting repercussions on the tourism industry in Hualien County. Chen Rei-jia, a bed and breakfast owner, described the terrifying experience of surviving the earthquake and the aftermath of the devastation. Now, as tourists cancel their trips and tour groups disappear, […]

Who is the talented chef behind Odette, one of Singapore’s top restaurants?

Odette: A Culinary Sanctuary for the Senses In the bustling city of Singapore, tucked away in the expansive National Gallery, lies a culinary gem named Odette. This acclaimed restaurant, helmed by Chef Julien Royer, has garnered international recognition and accolades for its exquisite French-Asian cuisine. But what sets Odette apart from the rest is not […]

Generation Z is going into debt to finance their summer travels.

As summer approaches, there is a noticeable shift in the demographics of travelers. Move over family travelers, as Gen Zs are gearing up to take center stage this summer. Recent surveys have shown that Gen Zs are not only increasing their vacation plans but also planning to spend more than older generations. According to a […]

Top 25 Airlines in the World as Ranked by AirlineRatings.com

Qatar Airways has been named the “Airline of the Year” for 2024 by AirlineRatings.com, reclaiming the top spot after slipping to No. 2 in the previous year. The rankings are based on a combination of safety and government audits, along with 12 key criteria including product ratings, passenger reviews, safety standards, fleet age, and incident […]

Exploring Africa: Cruises, wine tours, and hikes that go beyond traditional safaris

Africa is known for its incredible wildlife and safaris that attract tourists from around the world. However, there is so much more to explore beyond the traditional game drives. From mountains to beaches to wine regions, Africa offers a diverse range of experiences for those willing to venture off the beaten path. One of the […]

Increase in private sales of luxury mansions, art, and cars

The trend of “quiet wealth” among the rich is on the rise, with high-net-worth individuals turning to private purchases of mansions, art, and classic cars to avoid unwanted attention. Auction companies and luxury real estate brokers are seeing an increase in private sales and off-market listings as the wealthy seek discretion and privacy in their […]

Sunaks’ wealth skyrockets to £651 million in the most recent Sunday Times Rich List

The annual wealth list published by the Sunday Times made history in 2022 when Chancellor Rishi Sunak became the first front-line politician to be featured on it. With an estimated family wealth of £730 million, Sunak’s presence on the list raised eyebrows and sparked conversations about his financial background. Before entering politics, Sunak worked as […]

The Growth of Mark Zuckerberg’s Wealth Over the Past Decade

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO of Meta (formerly known as Facebook), is celebrating his 40th birthday on May 14, 2024. Over the past decade, Zuckerberg has achieved significant milestones and accomplishments that have contributed to his success and wealth. One of the notable events in Zuckerberg’s life during his 30s was the birth of […]

Challenges faced by the wealthy, identified by therapists

The challenges faced by the super-rich may not be as glamorous as one might think. Despite the extravagant lifestyle and seemingly endless resources, the wealthy are not immune to feelings of isolation, depression, and paranoia. According to therapists who work with the ultra-rich, these individuals often struggle with a range of emotions that many others […]

How Travel Companies Utilize ChatGPT for Handling Complaints and Negative Online Reviews

In the fast-paced world of customer service, responding to angry customers can be a daunting task. Natasha, the director of a five-star resort, knows this all too well. Finding the right words and conveying the appropriate level of contrition can be time-consuming and tedious, especially when the hotel isn’t at fault. However, Natasha has found […]

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