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From Moderating the R/Ukraine Subreddit to Being Called to Fight

The Rise of a Reddit Moderator Turned Soldier: Mykola Sokalskii’s Journey Mykola Sokalskii, a 39-year-old film producer from Kyiv, never imagined that his role as a Reddit moderator would lead him to the front lines of the war against Russia. In 2020, as the pandemic forced the world into lockdown, Sokalskii took to live-streaming on […]

The Most Up-to-Date Information on Russia and the Conflict in Ukraine

1. **Russia arrests former army commander on suspicion of fraud** Russian Major General Ivan Popov, the former commander of Russia’s 58th Army, was recently arrested on suspicion of large-scale fraud, according to reports from TASS news agency. Popov, who had previously spoken out about the challenges faced by his troops on the battlefield in Ukraine, […]

New updates on Russia’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine

## Ukraine’s military pushes Russian forces out of Vovchansk Ukraine’s military reported on Wednesday that it had “partially pushed the enemy forces out of the settlement” of Vovchansk, a town in the Kharkiv region that has been a focal point of recent battles. The General Staff of Ukraine’s armed forces stated in a Google-translated Telegram […]

The most recent updates on Russia and the conflict in Ukraine

Russia’s Acting Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has made it clear that Moscow is prepared for any potential escalation of the conflict in Ukraine by Western countries. Lavrov’s comments came during talks in the Federation Council, where he addressed the ongoing reshuffle in the Russian government. He stated that if the West wishes to engage in […]

Blinken provides forceful US criticism of Israel’s actions in Gaza conflict

Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized Israel’s conduct in the war in Gaza, stating that Israeli tactics have led to a “horrible loss of life of innocent civilians” without effectively neutralizing Hamas leaders and fighters. He emphasized that the United States believes Israeli forces should “get out of Gaza” but also expects credible plans for […]

Current developments in Russia and the conflict in Ukraine

Russian forces have been ramping up their attacks on Ukraine, with unsuccessful attempts to break through the border and increased shelling in the northeastern Kharkiv region. Governor Oleh Syniehubov reported that despite the attacks, the armed forces of Ukraine are holding their positions and not a single meter has been lost. However, two people were […]

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