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Comcast (CMCSA) reports earnings for the first quarter of 2024

Comcast, a leading cable broadband company, surpassed first-quarter earnings expectations, showcasing the resilience of its broadband segment amidst a slowdown in customer growth. Despite losing 65,000 customers during the quarter, the company reported a revenue increase of 1.2% to $30.06 billion. The struggles in the broadband segment have been attributed to a decline in new […]

T-Mobile set to purchase majority of U.S. Cellular for $4.4 billion; U.S. Cellular stocks spike

T-Mobile’s recent announcement of its plans to acquire U.S. Cellular in a deal worth $4.4 billion has sparked a 6% surge in U.S. Cellular’s stock price. This acquisition will involve the transfer of the wireless operator’s stores, spectrum assets, and customers to T-Mobile, with up to $2 billion of debt included in the deal. According […]

Republican Convention in Texas Parts Ways with Corporate Sponsors

As the Republican Party of Texas shifts away from its traditional corporate allies and embraces a more anti-corporate, anti-elite populist agenda, the state political organization finds itself at a crossroads. The recent election of Abraham George as the party chair signals a departure from the longstanding corporate sponsorships that have characterized the annual Texas Republican […]

The Streaming Services: Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+

Comcast announced on Tuesday that they will be launching a streaming bundle for their cable, broadband, and mobile subscribers. This bundle will include Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+ at a discounted rate. The move comes as major media players are teaming up to drive value for users and subscriptions for streaming services. This announcement was […]

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