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New Prospect for an HIV Vaccine Sparks Hope

HIV, or Human Immunodeficiency Virus, has been a global health crisis since it was first identified in 1983. Over the past four decades, HIV has infected more than 85 million people worldwide and has caused approximately 40 million deaths. Despite significant advancements in treatment and prevention, a vaccine for HIV has remained elusive. One of […]

Novavax sees significant rise as it secures $1.2 billion licensing deal with Sanofi for vaccine

Novavax Inc. shares saw a significant surge following the announcement of a $1.2 billion licensing agreement with Sanofi, which includes the commercialization of a combined Covid-19 and flu shot. The agreement entails a substantial upfront payment of $500 million to Novavax, with an additional $700 million contingent on meeting development, regulatory, and launch milestones. Furthermore, […]

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