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Cheeky Congressman’s Child Epitomizes Public Sentiment Towards Politics

Politics can be exhausting, especially as we head into the 2024 election season with two of the oldest-ever candidates facing off amidst war, federal crimes, and deeply polarized voters. In the midst of this chaos, 6-year-old Guy Rose, son of GOP Rep. John Rose of Tennessee, provides a refreshing and amusing perspective on the proceedings. […]

Tennessee Attorney General Investigating Effort to Auction Graceland in Foreclosure Sale

The attorney general of Tennessee has announced an investigation into a company’s attempt to sell Elvis Presley’s iconic home, Graceland, at a foreclosure auction. The move was halted by a judge after Presley’s granddaughter filed a lawsuit claiming fraud. Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti stated that Graceland had become the target of Nausanny Investments and Private […]

Kentucky’s Governor to Oppose Stringent Abortion Ban in Tennessee

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is making headlines for his upcoming trip to Tennessee to speak out against the state’s sweeping abortion ban. This move signifies Beshear’s efforts to improve his party’s prospects in GOP territory and increase his own name recognition. Beshear, who campaigned against his state’s near-total abortion ban in winning reelection last year, […]

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