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Ukraine Video Shows US MaxxPro Armored Vehicle Successfully Resisting Powerful Blasts

The recent Ukraine battlefield video showcasing a US-made MaxxPro armored vehicle withstanding multiple direct Russian blasts has grabbed global attention. The footage from the Chasiv Yar area in Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast depicts the resilience of the MaxxPro as it navigates through heavy artillery fire, saving lives in the process. The MaxxPro, a key component of […]

From Moderating the R/Ukraine Subreddit to Being Called to Fight

The Rise of a Reddit Moderator Turned Soldier: Mykola Sokalskii’s Journey Mykola Sokalskii, a 39-year-old film producer from Kyiv, never imagined that his role as a Reddit moderator would lead him to the front lines of the war against Russia. In 2020, as the pandemic forced the world into lockdown, Sokalskii took to live-streaming on […]

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