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Indonesian authorities detain 6 individuals believed to be poachers involved in the murder of 26 endangered Javan rhinoceroses

In a shocking turn of events, Indonesian authorities have apprehended six individuals involved in a heinous poaching ring that targeted the critically endangered Javan rhinoceros. These suspects, part of a larger network, resorted to using homemade firearms to kill a staggering 26 Javan rhinos since 2018, all in pursuit of their valuable horns. The demand […]

Exploring the Effects of Short Space Trips on the Human Body through New Research

Space tourism has become more popular in recent years, with private companies offering civilians the opportunity to experience weightlessness and space radiation. A recent series of studies published on Tuesday found that space tourists experience similar body changes as astronauts who spend months in orbit, but most of these shifts return to normal once the […]

Advisors recommend Eli Lilly’s Alzheimer’s drug donanemab, according to FDA

Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, received positive news when a panel of independent advisors to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommended the approval of their experimental Alzheimer’s drug, donanemab. The recommendation paves the way for the treatment to receive full approval in the U.S. later this year, expanding treatment options […]

Boeing’s astronaut capsule successfully docks at space station following thruster issue

Boeing’s new capsule successfully docked at the International Space Station after facing last-minute thruster trouble that almost derailed the mission. The capsule, carrying NASA test pilots Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams, will remain at the space station for at least eight days before returning to Earth. Despite the challenges, the astronauts were welcomed warmly by […]

NASA Crew Sent into Space by Boeing’s Starliner Finally Launches

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft is set to make its test mission debut with astronauts Barry Wilmore and Mike Williams at the helm. This mission comes at a critical juncture for Boeing, which has been facing scrutiny over the loss of its way in recent years. The Starliner, similar to SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, is a capsule-shaped spacecraft […]

First Person to Spend 1,000 Days in Space is a Russian Cosmonaut

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko has made history by becoming the first person to spend 1,000 days in space, according to the Russian space agency Roscosmos. Kononenko achieved this remarkable milestone on Tuesday after completing five journeys to the International Space Station since 2008. His current trip to the ISS began in September 2023, when he […]

Long-term trial results show promise for Pfizer’s lung cancer drug

Pfizer has announced promising results from a late-stage trial of its drug Lorbrena for advanced lung cancer. The medicine has shown to help patients live longer without cancer progression for over five years, and also reduces the risk of brain progression. Lorbrena is specifically approved for patients with a mutation in the ALK gene, which […]

Hunting for Ultralight Dark Matter

Scientists at SLAC are eagerly anticipating the potential funding for their groundbreaking project, the Light Dark Matter Experiment (LDMX). This experiment aims to scan for light dark matter by accelerating electrons towards a tungsten target in End Station A. The hope is that in rare collisions, the electrons will interact with the nucleus via an […]

Paris strives for the most eco-friendly Olympics yet, despite acknowledging imperfections in the plan.

The Paris Olympics organizers faced strong backlash for their decision to hold surfing competitions in Tahiti, thousands of kilometers away from the mainland. The controversy stemmed from concerns about the environmental impact of building a viewing tower on the Teahupo’o reef. However, the organizers defended their choice by highlighting their goal of reducing carbon emissions […]

FDA greenlights new Moderna vaccine for elderly population against respiratory syncytial virus

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Moderna’s RSV vaccine for adults aged 60 and above, marking the company’s second product to enter the U.S. market. This approval comes at a crucial time for Moderna as it seeks to diversify its revenue streams amidst declining demand for its Covid jab, its only commercially available product. […]

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