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Before You Learn to Ride a Motorcycle in 2024, Follow These Steps

Learning to ride a motorcycle is an exciting and rewarding experience that many people dream of. While it may seem tempting to just hop on a bike and teach yourself, enrolling in a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse could be one of the smartest moves a riding student can make in 2024. The benefits […]

Can Motorcycles Be Legally Parked on the Sidewalk?

Motorcycle parking is a common sight in cities around the world, with riders getting creative in finding parking spaces for their bikes. From parking between cars on narrow city streets to forming columns of motorcycles, the ways in which riders park their bikes vary widely. However, in the United States, there are specific rules and […]

State Department Warns of Safety Concerns for Pride Month Travel

The federal government is urging caution and alertness in popular tourist spots worldwide, specifically warning LGBTQI+ travelers of potential threats of violence. The U.S. State Department issued a security alert on Friday, highlighting the possibility of terrorist attacks, demonstrations, or violent actions targeting American citizens. The department specifically mentioned Pride celebrations and venues frequented by […]

Safety is no longer the top priority at OpenAI, says ex-leader, overshadowed by focus on flashy products

Former OpenAI Leader Criticizes Company’s Focus on Products Over Safety A former leader at OpenAI recently resigned from the company, citing concerns that safety is being overlooked in favor of developing flashy new AI products. Jan Leike, who used to head the company’s “Superalignment” team alongside another co-founder who also resigned, vented his frustrations on […]

What Is the Purpose of Slick Tires on Some Cars?

Tire technology has come a long way in recent years, with advancements in design and materials leading to a wide range of options for drivers. From rain tires that disperse water effectively to all-season rubber that can handle different road conditions, there is a tire for every situation. However, you may have noticed that some […]

Is your state next to ban cell phones while driving, like Pennsylvania?

Distracted driving has become a dangerous trend among motorists, with many individuals prioritizing their smartphones over the safety of themselves and others on the road. To address this issue, the State of Pennsylvania has taken a significant step by banning all handling of cell phones while driving, joining a growing number of states with similar […]

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