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Hospitalizations of Virginia Inmates Show Cases of Hypothermia in Prisons: How Does It Happen?

The story of Charles Givens, a developmentally disabled inmate at the Marion Correctional Treatment Center in Virginia, sheds light on the harsh conditions faced by inmates in the prison system. Givens’ sister filed a lawsuit alleging that her brother was subjected to routine mistreatment, including “cold-water torture,” before his death in 2022. The lawsuit raised […]

What are the consequences when US prisoners are injured or killed while working dangerous jobs?

Prison labor has long been a controversial topic, with reports of prisoners being given dangerous jobs with little to no training, resulting in serious injuries or even death. Blas Sanchez’s story is a prime example of the risks prisoners face when working in hazardous conditions. After losing his leg in a work accident at Hickman’s […]

Pope’s Visit to Venice: Meeting with Artists and Inmates, City Struggles with Influx of Day-Trippers

VENICE, Italy — Venice has always been a place of contrasts, of breathtaking beauty and devastating fragility, where history, religion, art, and nature have collided over the centuries to produce an otherworldly gem of a city. But even for a place that prides itself on its culture of unusual encounters, Pope Francis’ visit Sunday stands […]

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