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South Africa’s Parliament faces unprecedented uncertainty as they choose a new president through a vote

South African lawmakers are set to elect a president on Friday in a landmark vote that is not merely a formality. Cyril Ramaphosa, seeking a second term as leader of Africa’s most industrialized economy, faces a challenge as his party, the African National Congress, lost its majority in the recent election. To secure his reelection, […]

The Dangers of Vaping: Will the New Parliament Implement a Smoking Ban for Youth?

Cigarettes have long been known to contain tobacco, tar, and a plethora of cancer-causing toxic chemicals, making them the leading preventable cause of illness and death in the UK. Research shows that approximately half of all lifelong smokers will die early, sacrificing an average of 10 years of their lives due to smoking-related conditions. Given […]

Tory peer Lord Ranger may be banned from Parliament for drunken outburst

Lord Ranger, a former director for transport policy under Boris Johnson, has been embroiled in controversy after a report detailing his aggressive behavior towards a group of individuals. The report stated that Lord Ranger had “acted aggressively, shouting and swearing”, while also calling the group “useless” and invading their personal space. Lord Ranger did not […]

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