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What Parents Need to Know About Lead Testing for Thousands of Children Using Faulty Devices

Lead poisoning is a serious health concern, especially for children, and a recent settlement with a company that manufactures lead testing kits has shed light on the potential risks associated with inaccurate results. Magellan Diagnostics has agreed to pay $42 million in penalties for concealing a malfunction in their testing devices, which resulted in inaccurately […]

Top companies for parents: Why Goldman Sachs and American Express are leading the way

In today’s fast-paced world, working parents, guardians, and caretakers face the ongoing challenge of balancing their professional responsibilities with their duties at home. The struggle to find this delicate equilibrium is a familiar one for many, as the demands of work and family often seem to pull in opposite directions. Recognizing the unique needs of […]

Illinois Parents Decided not to Have Another Baby after their First came with Medical Debt.

Medical Debt: A Growing Burden for New Parents In the quaint town of Jacksonville, Illinois, Heather Crivilare found herself facing a medical emergency just a month before her due date. Rushed to the operating room for an emergency cesarean section, Heather had developed high blood pressure, a dangerous condition during pregnancy. The birth of her […]

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