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Digital health companies are introducing initiatives focused on GLP-1s

In recent years, the demand for GLP-1s, a class of obesity treatments, has surged, leading to the development of various programs and services to support users. Companies like Ro, Calibrate, WeightWatchers, Hims & Hers, and others have capitalized on this trend by offering comprehensive programs for patients on GLP-1s. These programs provide access to medications […]

New Weight Loss Ads from Hims & Hers Featuring Compounded GLP-1 Injections

Hims & Hers Health, a digital pharmacy startup, has announced the introduction of access to compounded GLP-1 weight loss injections. The company offers a range of direct-to-consumer treatments for conditions like erectile dysfunction and hair loss and launched a weight loss program in December. However, GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic and Wegovy were not previously […]

Early trial results show promising outcomes for Roche’s new weight loss drug

Roche’s Promising Weight Loss Drug Shows Positive Results in Early-Stage Trial Roche, a multinational healthcare company, has recently announced promising results from an early-stage trial of its experimental weight loss drug, CT-388. The drug, which is still in development, has shown significant potential in helping patients with obesity achieve substantial weight loss. The Swiss company’s […]

Survey finds that 1 in 8 adults have tried GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic

The use of GLP-1 drugs for weight loss and diabetes management is on the rise, with around 1 in 8 adults in the U.S. having used these medications at some point. A recent survey from KFF revealed that roughly half of those adults, or about 6% of the U.S. population, are currently using GLP-1 drugs […]

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