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The latest information on the upcoming round of Covid vaccines

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, new developments in the realm of vaccines have emerged. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently advised vaccine manufacturers to develop monovalent Covid shots targeting a highly contagious strain of the virus called JN.1 for use in the U.S. starting this fall. This announcement […]

Novavax and Sanofi team up to bring Covid vaccine to market, collaborate on combination shots

Novavax Signs Multibillion-Dollar Deal with Sanofi In a significant move for the pharmaceutical industry, Novavax announced on Friday a multibillion-dollar deal with French drugmaker Sanofi. The deal focuses on the co-commercialization of Novavax’s Covid vaccine starting next year, as well as the development of combination shots targeting both the coronavirus and the flu. Novavax’s stock […]

Novavax sees significant rise as it secures $1.2 billion licensing deal with Sanofi for vaccine

Novavax Inc. shares saw a significant surge following the announcement of a $1.2 billion licensing agreement with Sanofi, which includes the commercialization of a combined Covid-19 and flu shot. The agreement entails a substantial upfront payment of $500 million to Novavax, with an additional $700 million contingent on meeting development, regulatory, and launch milestones. Furthermore, […]

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