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In the NFL draft, The Patriots may trade down to address their various needs, including a QB

The 2024 NFL draft marks a new beginning for the New England Patriots, as the era of Bill Belichick has come to an end. After more than two decades of guiding the team both on the field and in personnel decisions, Belichick has moved on, leaving a void that team owner Robert Kraft is eager […]

NFL Games Coming to Netflix for Streaming on Christmas Day

Netflix makes a major move into live sports with the announcement that they will be streaming Christmas Day National Football League games for the next three years. This marks the streaming platform’s first true step into live sports, showing their commitment to expanding their content offerings. The deal will see Netflix streaming two games on […]

For 3 years, Netflix will broadcast NFL games on Christmas Day, starting with 2 games this season.

Netflix and the NFL have made a groundbreaking announcement with a three-year deal to stream games on Christmas Day. This partnership marks a significant shift in the way sports content is delivered to viewers and provides an exciting new avenue for fans to enjoy their favorite teams and players. According to the agreement, Netflix will […]

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