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California’s New Cars Could Warn Drivers About Speeding

California Lawmakers Consider Requiring New Cars to Alert Drivers When Speeding In an effort to reduce traffic deaths, California legislators are considering a new law that would require all new cars sold in the state to alert drivers when they exceed the speed limit by at least 10 mph (16 kph) by the year 2032. […]

Ford’s Spain Factory to Begin Production of Hundreds of Thousands of Vehicles in 2027.

The Ford Motor Company is expanding its global reach with the announcement of a new production facility in Valencia, Spain. The Valencia factory is set to start producing over 300,000 vehicles per year starting in 2027, making it a significant contributor to Ford’s worldwide production output. The Valencia factory will be responsible for producing a […]

The lavish lifestyle of the wealthy and renowned: Placing a luxury sports car on a deluxe yacht

The combination of luxury cars and superyachts is a dream for many, but for those fortunate enough to afford it, it is a reality. Luxury boating company, Starship, offers a unique experience on Sydney Harbour with their one-of-a-kind yachts, the Sydney and the Aqua. These yachts are designed to host up to 800 guests for […]

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