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‘Killing Eve’ Sees Surge in Popularity Among Viewers Over 65 After Netflix Release, ‘Fallout’ Sets New Record

The hit TV series “Killing Eve” has made a remarkable appearance on Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings for the viewing window of April 15-21. In its first week on the platform, the BBC thriller was watched for an impressive 719 million minutes, securing the No. 8 spot on the chart. This surge in popularity is reminiscent […]

Netflix Inquiry: Baby Reindeer Evidence

Chris Banatvala, former head of standards at Ofcom, emphasized the importance of a duty of care when creating programs that involve potentially vulnerable individuals, such as Richard Gadd or Fiona Harvey. He highlighted the need for fairness in portraying individuals and mentioned the absence of regulatory codes from Ofcom for streaming platforms like the one […]

NFL Games Coming to Netflix for Streaming on Christmas Day

Netflix makes a major move into live sports with the announcement that they will be streaming Christmas Day National Football League games for the next three years. This marks the streaming platform’s first true step into live sports, showing their commitment to expanding their content offerings. The deal will see Netflix streaming two games on […]

For 3 years, Netflix will broadcast NFL games on Christmas Day, starting with 2 games this season.

Netflix and the NFL have made a groundbreaking announcement with a three-year deal to stream games on Christmas Day. This partnership marks a significant shift in the way sports content is delivered to viewers and provides an exciting new avenue for fans to enjoy their favorite teams and players. According to the agreement, Netflix will […]

Netflix Documentary Reveals Every Celebrity Involved in the Ashley Madison Scandal

Netflix’s latest docuseries, “Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies, and Scandal,” delves into the scandal surrounding the infamous cheating website, Ashley Madison, and its impact on several high-profile individuals. The three-part series, released on May 15, sheds light on how the website attracted a large number of users and the aftermath of a targeted hack that exposed […]

The Streaming Services: Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+

Comcast announced on Tuesday that they will be launching a streaming bundle for their cable, broadband, and mobile subscribers. This bundle will include Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+ at a discounted rate. The move comes as major media players are teaming up to drive value for users and subscriptions for streaming services. This announcement was […]

Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery Revolutionize Cable TV

In a move that further blurs the lines between traditional cable TV and streaming services, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery have announced a new partnership that will combine Disney+, Hulu, and Max into one comprehensive streaming service. This move comes at a time when streaming services are increasingly resembling the cable packages of the past, […]

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