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Sweet Surprises: Candy Makers Struggle with Soaring Cocoa Costs

The cocoa crisis has sent shockwaves throughout the global agriculture industry, particularly in the chocolate sector. With cocoa prices tripling over the past year and hitting an all-time high in April, candy makers and food companies are feeling the pressure of soaring commodity costs. The main idea here is that the surge in cocoa prices […]

Cramer’s Friday Reflections on Cloudflare, DraftKings, Expedia, Booking, and Hershey

Jim Cramer’s daily rapid fire looks at stocks in the news outside the CNBC Investing Club portfolio provided valuable insights into the market trends. One of the companies under scrutiny was Cloudflare, whose shares were sinking 16% after the second-quarter revenue outlook fell short of analyst estimates. Despite this, Cramer believes that the company is […]

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