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Meta Platforms’ (META) Facebook Focus to Boost Prospects

Meta Platforms (META) is strategically enhancing Facebook to appeal to young adults, aiming to keep the platform relevant and engaging for the next generation of social media users. By focusing on social discovery, Meta is evolving Facebook’s offerings to align with the dynamic preferences of young adults, utilizing advanced AI capabilities and innovative features. Tailored […]

Interested in Programming with LlaMA 2 and 3? Meta Offers This Free Course to Learn the Basics

With this course, you can learn the fundamental aspects of the LlaMA 2 AI model and the newly updated LlaMA 3. One of the main barriers to learning programming often lies in the variety of programming languages and models that exist, especially in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. LlaMA 2 and LlaMA 3, for example, […]

Uvalde Families File Lawsuit Against Meta and Call of Duty Developer on School Attack Anniversary

Two years after the tragic Robb Elementary School attack in Uvalde, Texas, families of the victims have taken legal action on the anniversary of the event. The families have filed lawsuits against Meta Platforms, the parent company of Instagram, as well as the maker of the video game Call of Duty, holding them responsible for […]

Majority of American TikTok Creators Do Not Believe a Ban is Imminent

A recent survey conducted by the influencer marketing platform, Fohr, revealed that the majority of US TikTok creators remain unfazed by the potential ban of the app within the next year. Despite Congress passing a law that could lead to TikTok separating from its Chinese parent company or facing a nationwide ban, 62 percent of […]

Companies like Google, Meta, OpenAI commit to developing AI responsibly as Seoul AI summit begins

Artificial Intelligence Companies Pledge to Develop Technology Safely SEOUL, South Korea — The world’s leading artificial intelligence companies pledged at the start of a mini summit on AI to develop the technology safely, including pulling the plug if they can’t rein in the most extreme risks. World leaders are expected to hammer out further agreements […]

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