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Five Tips to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Companies

Regardless of size, this is a challenge for all companies worldwide. One of the recent challenges brought about by the new commercial era, which increasingly relies on technology to adapt to changes in consumer trends and demand in commerce, is cybersecurity and data protection, both for different companies and the customers each of them may […]

Oil Prices Fluctuate Following OPEC+ Announcement of Increase in Production

The recent decision by OPEC+ to gradually increase oil production starting in October has sparked mixed reactions in the market. Despite concerns over the demand outlook and ample supply from non-OPEC countries, the alliance has agreed to ease production cuts that were implemented in response to the pandemic-induced demand shock. Some analysts, like Goldman Sachs […]

Gold and silver prices decrease: Gold drops by Rs 10, silver falls by Rs 100, precious metals trading at Rs 74,610 | Commodities

Gold Price Today: The price of 24-carat gold dipped Rs 10 in early trade on Monday, with ten grams of the precious metal trading at Rs 74,610. The price of silver also fell Rs 100, with one kilogram of the precious metal selling at Rs 92,900. The price of ten grams of 24-carat gold in […]

Jamie Dimon warns that inflation is underestimated and predicts the market’s overly optimistic view on a smooth landing.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon warns that inflation may persist for longer than anticipated, contradicting market optimism about interest rates and the US economy. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Dimon expressed concerns about ongoing inflationary pressures, including the impact of green-energy transition, infrastructure development, and geopolitical tensions on price growth. Despite market expectations of subsiding […]

Over half of Miami’s upcoming condos are set to be Airbnb friendly

A Florida real-estate firm has identified a significant trend in the Miami region – an influx of pre-construction condo buildings that are being designed specifically for short-term rentals like Airbnb. According to the firm, over 10,335 units in 31 condo buildings are expected to be geared towards short-term rentals, accounting for more than 50% of […]

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