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‘Almost everyone supports Labour’ why 2024 isn’t the TikTok election

This might be the first TikTok general election, but it probably won’t be the first election decided by it for one simple reason: the video app’s British users are already likely to vote Labour. “The problem is that almost everyone on TikTok is already on our side,” said one Labour campaign source. “We need to […]

Labour promises to ‘lift barriers’ for small business

Labour has promised to overhaul the business rates system in order to support small businesses and rejuvenate the High Street if elected in the UK general election. The party aims to level the playing field for High Street firms against online competitors by implementing reforms that reduce costs for small businesses and ensure that large […]

Keir Starmer refutes claims that Diane Abbott was banned from running for Labour

Labour launched an investigation in April last year after Diane Abbott made controversial comments in the Observer regarding Irish, Jewish, and Traveller people experiencing prejudice similar to racism. The investigation was completed in December 2023, with the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee issuing Abbott a formal warning for her conduct deemed prejudicial and detrimental to […]

Labour’s Rachel Reeves excludes raising income taxes or National Insurance contributions

The Labour Party’s Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, has outlined the party’s plan to raise funds for public services and investment in the economy. Reeves stated that Labour would raise money by ending the VAT exemption for private schools, extending the windfall tax on energy firms, tackling tax avoidance and evasion, and closing loopholes in the […]

Labour to choose candidate for Islington North seat, says Jeremy Corbyn

Labour has begun the process of selecting a new candidate to replace former party leader Jeremy Corbyn in London’s Islington North constituency. The 74-year-old has been serving as an independent MP since 2020 when he had the Labour whip suspended. According to a Labour source, the party has moved on from the man who led […]

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