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New Research Connects Talc to Ovarian Cancer and Raises Concerns for J&J

New research published this week provides further evidence supporting the thousands of lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson alleging that its talc-based baby powder may have caused ovarian cancer. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, found that applying talc powder to the genitals was associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer, especially […]

Early trial results show promising outcomes for Roche’s new weight loss drug

Roche’s Promising Weight Loss Drug Shows Positive Results in Early-Stage Trial Roche, a multinational healthcare company, has recently announced promising results from an early-stage trial of its experimental weight loss drug, CT-388. The drug, which is still in development, has shown significant potential in helping patients with obesity achieve substantial weight loss. The Swiss company’s […]

Amgen’s small cell lung cancer treatment receives FDA approval

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved Amgen’s therapy for patients with the most deadly form of lung cancer. The drug, to be marketed as Imdelltra, is intended for use as a second or later line of treatment for individuals with advanced small-cell lung cancer. Clinical trials have shown that the drug can reduce tumor […]

Danaher demonstrates the benefits of holding onto a struggling stock in a strong company

The stock market saw impressive gains on Wednesday, with the S&P 500 and Nasdaq reaching new intraday highs. The catalyst for this rally was a cooler-than-expected April consumer price index, which led to a rally in Treasury prices and a decline in yields. This, in turn, increased the market odds for multiple Federal Reserve interest […]

Survey finds that 1 in 8 adults have tried GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic

The use of GLP-1 drugs for weight loss and diabetes management is on the rise, with around 1 in 8 adults in the U.S. having used these medications at some point. A recent survey from KFF revealed that roughly half of those adults, or about 6% of the U.S. population, are currently using GLP-1 drugs […]

Challenges faced by the wealthy, identified by therapists

The challenges faced by the super-rich may not be as glamorous as one might think. Despite the extravagant lifestyle and seemingly endless resources, the wealthy are not immune to feelings of isolation, depression, and paranoia. According to therapists who work with the ultra-rich, these individuals often struggle with a range of emotions that many others […]

Nationwide movement calls for paid maternity leave for pregnant women

Paid leave for prenatal care is poised to become a national women’s health initiative, with New York leading the way as the first state to mandate a standalone entitlement to paid prenatal leave. In April, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed an amendment to New York labor law that requires employers to provide up to […]

Novavax and Sanofi team up to bring Covid vaccine to market, collaborate on combination shots

Novavax Signs Multibillion-Dollar Deal with Sanofi In a significant move for the pharmaceutical industry, Novavax announced on Friday a multibillion-dollar deal with French drugmaker Sanofi. The deal focuses on the co-commercialization of Novavax’s Covid vaccine starting next year, as well as the development of combination shots targeting both the coronavirus and the flu. Novavax’s stock […]

Top companies for parents: Why Goldman Sachs and American Express are leading the way

In today’s fast-paced world, working parents, guardians, and caretakers face the ongoing challenge of balancing their professional responsibilities with their duties at home. The struggle to find this delicate equilibrium is a familiar one for many, as the demands of work and family often seem to pull in opposite directions. Recognizing the unique needs of […]

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