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A star-studded Hollywood gala helps Biden raise $30 million-plus with the support of Clooney and Roberts

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood collided with the world of politics as some of the entertainment industry’s top stars gathered for a record-breaking fundraiser in support of President Joe Biden. The event, which took place in Los Angeles, raised over $30 million for the Democratic candidate, signaling the high stakes of the upcoming presidential […]

Libertarians select Chase Oliver as presidential nominee, rejecting Trump and Kennedy

The Libertarian Party made headlines on Sunday as they nominated party activist Chase Oliver for president, selecting him over former President Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Oliver’s victory at the party’s convention has sparked interest in third-party candidates in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Historically, third-party candidates have struggled to make an impact […]

Trump is appealing to Libertarian activists and working to prevent them from being swayed by RFK Jr.’s campaign

Donald Trump is making a strategic move to court conservative voters at the Libertarians’ national convention, aiming to sway a skeptical segment that has typically been hesitant to support him. With the party activists wary of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Trump’s appearance is anticipated to shake up the dynamics of the upcoming election. […]

Georgia State Election Board appoints conservative media personality to a seat

Janelle King, a media personality known for co-founding a conservative political action committee, has been appointed to a seat on the Georgia State Election Board. This board is responsible for developing election rules, investigating allegations of fraud, and making recommendations to state lawmakers. Her appointment was announced by Georgia House Speaker Jon Burns, who praised […]

Montana’s attorney general admits to recruiting token primary opponent to boost fundraising efforts

Montana Attorney General Admits to Skirting Campaign Finance Laws In a surprising revelation, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen confessed to supporters that he manipulated the state‚Äôs campaign finance laws by recruiting another Republican to run against him as a token candidate in the upcoming primary election. The purpose of this strategic move was to allow […]

Annual gala held by PEN America amid ongoing criticism regarding its response to the Mideast war

PEN America Gala Raises Eyebrows Amid Controversy The annual gala for PEN America, a literary and human rights organization, is set to take place on Thursday night with a star-studded guest list including the likes of Paul Simon and Seth Meyers. However, the event has been the subject of controversy and criticism in recent months […]

The upcoming primaries in Maryland and West Virginia will play a key role in determining the Senate majority this fall

In Maryland and West Virginia, voters are gearing up for key primary elections with significant implications for the Senate majority battle this fall. Maryland is set to host a contentious Senate primary, with former Governor Larry Hogan leading the Republican field despite his past criticism of former President Donald Trump. Hogan, who describes Trump as […]

While Indiana has a history of strong female second-in-command leaders, none have ever been elected to the state’s highest office.

The state of Indiana has never elected a woman as governor, yet women continue to hold the position of lieutenant governor. As the fall elections approach, it seems that this trend will continue. According to the Rutgers Center for American Women in Politics, Indiana is one of 18 states that have never had a female […]

Some Maryland Democrats like former GOP Gov. Hogan, but do not want him in the Senate

Maryland Democrats Face Critical Decision in Senate Primary As the primary election looms in Maryland, Democrats are faced with a critical decision that could impact control of the Senate and the future of their party. With the retirement of Senator Chris Van Hollen, the race to replace him has become a high-stakes battle between candidates […]

With Trump’s endorsement, a Republican operative vies for Congress in Georgia – but will it suffice?

Brian Jack, a former White House political director who worked closely with President Donald Trump, is looking to secure the GOP nomination in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District. With Trump’s endorsement and a background in Washington politics, Jack is emphasizing his ties to the former president to sway primary voters. Despite Trump’s endorsement, Jack faces stiff […]

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