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Only four new electric vehicles are available for purchase under $35,000 in 2024.

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs), one major barrier for potential buyers is the high initial purchase price. Currently, only a handful of new EV models are available for under $35,000 in today’s market. In fact, there are just four market-ready EVs that start at under the $35,000 mark, with the Nissan LEAF being […]

Volkswagen to create affordable electric vehicle to compete with Chinese competitors | Corporate Updates

In an effort to better compete with Chinese rivals and make electric vehicles more accessible to European consumers, Volkswagen announced plans to develop low-cost electric vehicles priced at around 20,000 euros ($21,746). This move comes after talks with Renault to collaborate on the project fell through earlier this month. Volkswagen’s Chief Executive, Oliver Blume, emphasized […]

Review of Apollo Go (2024): The Ultimate Commuter Scooter

The Apollo Go Electric Scooter: A Game-changer in Control and Customization When it comes to electric scooters, control is key. Whether it’s speed, braking, or turn signals, having the ability to customize these features can greatly enhance your riding experience. Most escooters on the market lack this level of customization, but the new Apollo Go […]

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