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Physicians pioneer new minimally invasive procedure to treat brain clot without drilling burr hole in skull

A groundbreaking study conducted by a New York surgeon-scientist and his team in 2018 has introduced a minimally invasive procedure to effectively treat chronic subdural hematoma, a common condition requiring neurosurgical intervention. This condition involves the accumulation of blood and blood breakdown products on the brain’s surface, causing significant health risks for individuals, especially older […]

Florida approves doctors performing C-Sections outside of hospitals

Florida has recently made headlines by becoming the first state to allow doctors to perform cesarean sections outside of hospitals. This decision was influenced by a private equity-owned physicians group, Women’s Care Enterprises, which advocated for the change citing lower costs and a more personalized birthing experience for pregnant women. However, the hospital industry and […]

Abortion Restrictions Pushing Away Future Doctors in the Nation

The Impact of Abortion Bans on Medical School Graduates’ Residency Choices As graduation approaches for medical students across the country, the decisions they make about their residency programs are crucial for shaping their future careers. For Ash Panakam, a soon-to-be graduate of Harvard Medical School, the recent Supreme Court decision overturning the nationwide right to […]

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