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Disney’s Chief Technology Officer, Aaron LaBerge, to depart from company due to personal reasons.

Aaron LaBerge, the chief technology officer for Disney Entertainment and ESPN, has announced his departure from the company in order to take on a new role as the CTO of PENN Entertainment, the company behind ESPN Bet. LaBerge cited personal reasons related to his family for his decision to leave Disney, and he will remain […]

Nelson Peltz divests from Disney stake

Activist investor Nelson Peltz has made headlines yet again, this time for selling his entire stake in Disney at roughly $120 per share. According to a source familiar with the matter, Peltz’s move resulted in a profit of about $1 billion on the position, despite the stock currently trading for around $100 per share. This […]

She possesses the power of the elements

Daisy Ridley’s latest film “Young Woman and the Sea” tells the inspiring true story of American swimmer Trudy Ederle’s journey to become the first woman to swim the English Channel. Ridley not only starred in the film but also took on the role of executive producer, using her voice to enhance the relationship between Trudy […]

Streaming service bundle offering Disney, Warner Bros., and Discovery.

Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery are teaming up to offer a streaming bundle that will include Disney+, Hulu, and Max, in a package similar to traditional cable TV. The bundle is set to launch this summer and will be available on both ad-supported and commercial-free tiers. Pricing details have not been disclosed yet, but the […]

Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery Revolutionize Cable TV

In a move that further blurs the lines between traditional cable TV and streaming services, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery have announced a new partnership that will combine Disney+, Hulu, and Max into one comprehensive streaming service. This move comes at a time when streaming services are increasingly resembling the cable packages of the past, […]

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