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Tax and defence collide in fiery BBC election debate

The recent BBC election debate between Tory Minister Penny Mordaunt and Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner was filled with heated clashes over issues such as defense, tax, and immigration. The debate, involving seven party representatives, provided a platform for smaller parties to voice their opinions and challenge the main political players. One of the key […]

Rishi Sunak criticizes Keir Starmer on defense issues as election battle lines are drawn

The UK Conservative Party is currently facing a tough battle in the polls as they trail behind Labour. Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered a speech that seemed to kick off an election campaign, addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In his address, Sunak highlighted the threats posed by authoritarian powers like Russia, Iran, North […]

US Commander’s Comments Implied UK Special Forces Were Present in Ukraine

The recent statements made by US Commander Gen. Bryan Fenton have raised speculation about the involvement of UK special forces in Ukraine. In an interview with The Associated Press, Fenton discussed plans to restructure Green Beret teams based on lessons learned from British special forces in Ukraine. He mentioned the need for teams to have […]

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