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Stocks in the cruise industry benefit from the affordability of cruises compared to hotel vacations

Cruise operators have been experiencing a surge in demand post-Covid pandemic, leading to questions about the sustainability of this trend. However, UBS analyst Robin Farley believes that the good times will continue for cruise lines. One key factor supporting this optimism is the difference in pricing between cruises and land-based hotels, which is still wider […]

Exploring Africa: Cruises, wine tours, and hikes that go beyond traditional safaris

Africa is known for its incredible wildlife and safaris that attract tourists from around the world. However, there is so much more to explore beyond the traditional game drives. From mountains to beaches to wine regions, Africa offers a diverse range of experiences for those willing to venture off the beaten path. One of the […]

A Complete Guide to Cruising from Port Canaveral near Orlando

Port Canaveral, located in Central Florida, offers a unique and exciting cruising experience. While it may not be as visually stunning as PortMiami, it still has plenty to offer lucky passengers. From witnessing rocket launches at the neighboring NASA complex to spotting dolphins playing in the wake as the ships sail past the shoreline of […]

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