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Prosecutors say Harvey Weinstein could face additional charges as more accusers come forward

The legal saga of Harvey Weinstein continues as Manhattan prosecutors are evaluating new claims of sexual misconduct against the disgraced movie mogul. During a recent court hearing, Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg revealed that additional individuals have come forward with assault allegations, prompting prosecutors to consider seeking a new indictment against Weinstein. Blumberg indicated that […]

False News: Examining Events that did Not Occur this Week

In today’s age of information overload on social media, it can be challenging to distinguish fact from fiction. This week was no exception, with several popular but completely untrue stories being widely shared. Let’s take a closer look at some of these stories and separate fact from fiction. First up, let’s address the claim that […]

Tennessee Attorney General Investigating Effort to Auction Graceland in Foreclosure Sale

The attorney general of Tennessee has announced an investigation into a company’s attempt to sell Elvis Presley’s iconic home, Graceland, at a foreclosure auction. The move was halted by a judge after Presley’s granddaughter filed a lawsuit claiming fraud. Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti stated that Graceland had become the target of Nausanny Investments and Private […]

Donald Trump may be trapped in a Manhattan courtroom, but he is well-informed by his favorite legal analysts

Former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial has been a major focus of media attention, with Fox News analyst Andy McCarthy receiving praise from Trump himself multiple times. McCarthy, along with other legal analysts such as Jonathan Turley, Gregg Jarrett, and Mark Levin, have been cited by Trump for their supportive comments on the trial. Trump […]

BP executive’s husband sentenced to prison for buying stocks

The ex-husband of a former BP mergers and acquisitions manager was sentenced to two years in federal prison for insider trading that netted him $1.76 million after eavesdropping on her work calls about the oil giant buying another company. Tyler Loudon, the ex-husband, was also sentenced to one year of supervised release and fined $10,000 […]

Joe Biden appoints 200 judges, emphasizing the importance of the courts in the upcoming 2024 election

The Democratic-led Senate has reached a significant milestone by confirming President Joe Biden’s 200th federal judge, highlighting a sharp contrast with his Republican election rival, former President Donald Trump. This achievement showcases Biden’s commitment to shaping the federal judiciary in a more balanced, diverse, and experienced manner. While Biden has made significant progress in appointing […]

Kelli Ward and other Arizona GOP members to appear in court for fake elector charges

Former Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward and several others are facing conspiracy, forgery, and fraud charges related to their involvement in a scheme to overturn Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election to Joe Biden. The charges were unveiled last month, and the arraignment is set to take place in a Phoenix courtroom. Among […]

Court in London to determine extradition fate of WikiLeaks founder Assange to US

The legal battle for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues as a London court ruled on Monday that he can appeal against his extradition to the United States on espionage charges. This decision is likely to prolong an already long legal saga surrounding Assange, who has been indicted on 17 espionage charges and one charge of […]

West Virginia to appeal decision permitting transgender teen athlete to participate in competition

The state of West Virginia is gearing up to take their fight against transgender athletes competing in middle school sports all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Attorney General Patrick Morrisey made the announcement in response to a recent appeals court ruling that allowed a transgender athlete, Becky Pepper Jackson, to compete on her […]

Google prefers judge over jury for upcoming antitrust case in Virginia

Google is facing a major antitrust lawsuit, with the tech giant asking that a judge, rather than a jury, decide whether it violated U.S. antitrust laws by building a monopoly on the technology that powers online advertising. In order to strengthen its case, Google has written a multimillion-dollar check to the U.S. government, which it […]

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