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Five Tips to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Companies

Regardless of size, this is a challenge for all companies worldwide. One of the recent challenges brought about by the new commercial era, which increasingly relies on technology to adapt to changes in consumer trends and demand in commerce, is cybersecurity and data protection, both for different companies and the customers each of them may […]

Digital health companies are introducing initiatives focused on GLP-1s

In recent years, the demand for GLP-1s, a class of obesity treatments, has surged, leading to the development of various programs and services to support users. Companies like Ro, Calibrate, WeightWatchers, Hims & Hers, and others have capitalized on this trend by offering comprehensive programs for patients on GLP-1s. These programs provide access to medications […]

There are risks in companies attempting to appeal to a larger number of smartphone users in Africa

Access to mobile phones and the internet has revolutionized the way people in sub-Saharan Africa live and work. In countries like Ghana, where infrastructure and public services are lacking, technology has played a unique role in bridging the gap and improving livelihoods. Anita Akpeere, a chef in Ghana’s capital, relies on her smartphone to receive […]

Businesses turn to sports as Hollywood faces strikes

Last year, media giants relied heavily on sports to attract advertisers during the Upfronts meeting week. This was due to a Hollywood strike and cost-cutting measures that limited their scripted content and star power. Despite the end of the strikes, this year’s presentations continued to emphasize sports over scripted shows. The aftermath of last year’s […]

Passenger vehicle and 2-wheeler exports increase by more than 20% in April, reports SIAM monthly data | Auto industry insights

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers recently released data showing a significant increase in exports of passenger vehicles and two-wheelers in April compared to the previous year. According to the report, two-wheeler exports surged by more than 20 percent year-on-year, reaching 320,877 units, while passenger vehicle exports saw a modest increase of 1.5 percent, totaling […]

Schools adopt artificial intelligence technology to detect guns while businesses lobby policymakers for state funding

Kansas is taking steps to enhance school safety by potentially offering up to $5 million in grants for schools to install surveillance cameras equipped with artificial intelligence systems capable of detecting individuals carrying guns. However, for schools to qualify for these grants, several specific criteria must be met. The AI software must be patented, designated […]

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