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Netflix is searching for a broadcast partner for NFL Christmas games

Netflix is trying to make a big splash in the world of live sports by securing the rights to broadcast NFL games on Christmas Day. The streaming giant has reached out to broadcasters in search of a partner to produce these games, marking its first real foray into traditional live sports. This move is driven […]

Max raises prices ahead of House of the Dragon premiere

The recent announcement of price increases for Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming service, Max, has caused a stir among subscribers as the streaming landscape continues to evolve. The main idea behind this move is to align the pricing of their ad-free options with the value they provide to consumers. By increasing the cost of the ad-free […]

NBA and NHL express concerns about reorganization plans

The future of regional sports networks under Diamond Sports, operating as Bally Sports, is a topic of concern for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Hockey League (NHL) as they question the viability of the network owner’s business plan ahead of the upcoming seasons this fall. Diamond Sports has been under bankruptcy protection since […]

Comcast (CMCSA) reports earnings for the first quarter of 2024

Comcast, a leading cable broadband company, surpassed first-quarter earnings expectations, showcasing the resilience of its broadband segment amidst a slowdown in customer growth. Despite losing 65,000 customers during the quarter, the company reported a revenue increase of 1.2% to $30.06 billion. The struggles in the broadband segment have been attributed to a decline in new […]

Peacock streaming subscription prices set to rise ahead of Summer Olympics

Peacock, Comcast’s streaming service, is gearing up for a price increase this summer in anticipation of the Summer Olympics in Paris. The subscription prices for Peacock will see a $2 bump, with the ad-supported option rising to $7.99 a month and the ad-free offering going up to $13.99 a month. This adjustment comes as a […]

Republican Convention in Texas Parts Ways with Corporate Sponsors

As the Republican Party of Texas shifts away from its traditional corporate allies and embraces a more anti-corporate, anti-elite populist agenda, the state political organization finds itself at a crossroads. The recent election of Abraham George as the party chair signals a departure from the longstanding corporate sponsorships that have characterized the annual Texas Republican […]

Warner Bros. Discovery Contemplates Matching Amazon’s NBA Package Bid

Warner Bros. Discovery Considers Matching Offer for NBA Media Rights In the midst of the ongoing negotiations for media rights to NBA games, Warner Bros. Discovery is considering matching an offer to broadcast a package of games. The focus, however, may be on a potential deal with Amazon rather than games slated for Comcast’s NBCUniversal. […]

John Tesh suggests that NBC may consider repurchasing the rights to ‘Roundball Rock’ if they acquire NBA game broadcasts.

NBCUniversal has made a bold move in the world of sports broadcasting by offering $2.5 billion per year to acquire the NBA rights once again. This would give them the opportunity to bring back the iconic theme song, “Roundball Rock,” composed by John Tesh, that accompanied NBA games on NBC until 2002. The NBA is […]

Comcast cable customers lose access to Bally Sports regional networks

Comcast customers were left in the dark as negotiations between the cable provider and Bally Sports’ operator, Diamond Sports Group, hit a snag. This dispute resulted in a blackout of the regional networks, leaving fans of 11 MLB teams without access to local games. The affected teams include the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins, with […]

Businesses turn to sports as Hollywood faces strikes

Last year, media giants relied heavily on sports to attract advertisers during the Upfronts meeting week. This was due to a Hollywood strike and cost-cutting measures that limited their scripted content and star power. Despite the end of the strikes, this year’s presentations continued to emphasize sports over scripted shows. The aftermath of last year’s […]

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