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Paris strives for the most eco-friendly Olympics yet, despite acknowledging imperfections in the plan.

The Paris Olympics organizers faced strong backlash for their decision to hold surfing competitions in Tahiti, thousands of kilometers away from the mainland. The controversy stemmed from concerns about the environmental impact of building a viewing tower on the Teahupo’o reef. However, the organizers defended their choice by highlighting their goal of reducing carbon emissions […]

While Lab-Grown Meat Isn’t Available in Stores Yet, Some States Have Already Outlawed It

Lab-grown meat, a futuristic concept that was gaining traction in the U.S. market, is now facing significant barriers and backlash from lawmakers in several states. Just a few months ago, the sale of cultivated meat and seafood was approved for the first time in the U.S., sparking optimism and excitement within the industry. Companies like […]

Africa’s Cholera Crisis Intensifies Due to Extreme Weather and Vaccine Shortages

Extreme weather events in Africa have caused a surge in cholera outbreaks, leading to thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of reported cases in southern and East Africa since late 2021. Countries like Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia have been hit particularly hard by these outbreaks, exacerbated by either floods, droughts, […]

General Sherman passes health inspection, yet world’s largest trees at risk due to climate change

A team of researchers recently climbed the iconic General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park to search for evidence of bark beetles, a potential threat to giant sequoias. The good news is that the General Sherman tree, the world’s largest tree, is currently healthy and able to fend off any beetle attacks. Giant sequoias, the […]

Japanese town installs screen to block tourists from snapping photos of Mt Fuji

The picturesque town of Fujikawaguchiko in Japan has recently taken measures to combat overtourism and overcrowding by putting up a large black screen to block the view of Mount Fuji from a popular sidewalk spot. Known as a place that offers some of the best views of the iconic Japanese mountain, the town decided to […]

Potential impact of new endangered listing for rare lizard on oil and gas drilling in New Mexico and West Texas

Federal wildlife officials have declared the dunes sagebrush lizard, a rare species found in southeastern New Mexico and West Texas, as an endangered species. This decision comes as a result of the threat posed by future energy development, sand mining, and climate change in one of the world’s most lucrative oil and natural gas basins. […]

Watchdog: EPA’s plan to replace lead pipes allocated approximately $3 billion to states without verified data

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came under scrutiny last year for distributing approximately $3 billion to states for the replacement of lead pipes based on unverified data. A memo from the agency’s inspector general revealed that some states may have received more funding than necessary while others may have been shortchanged. The inspector general found […]

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