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G7 Nations Pledge to Confront China Regarding Unfair Business Practices | Global News

The Group of Seven (G7) nations, consisting of Italy, the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan, recently came together at their annual summit to address various global issues. One of the key focal points of their discussions was the need to tackle what they perceive as unfair business practices by China, which they […]

China EV stocks soar following imposition of up to 38% extra import tariffs by EU

The recent announcement by the European Union to impose higher tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles has caused a stir in the market, with shares of Chinese EV makers experiencing a surge. This move by the EU comes after a probe into unfair subsidization of Chinese EV manufacturers, which was found to have a negative impact […]

Chinese Consumers Prioritize Experiences Over Material Goods, Travel Stocks in Focus

China’s biggest food delivery platform, Meituan, is experiencing a shift in consumer spending habits towards more travel experiences. CEO Wang Xing highlighted this trend during a recent first-quarter earnings call, stating that consumers are willing to allocate more of their budget towards travel. This change in consumer behavior presents a significant opportunity for Meituan, which […]

Importance of the EU elections in June 2024

The European Union is on the verge of a significant shift in its political landscape as voters in the 27 member states head to the polls from Thursday until Sunday. Analysts predict a rise in support for far-right parties, leading to more protectionist policies, reduced climate targets, and increased defense spending within the bloc. The […]

BYD achieves its third consecutive sales record in Australia in four months

The electric vehicle market in Australia is booming, with BYD breaking sales records for the third time in four months. Close to 2000 BYD electric vehicles were reported sold in Australia last month, setting the stage for even more growth with the introduction of a new range of hybrid cars. According to data from the […]

Dong Jun from China issues a warning to Taiwan separatist forces about ‘self-destruction’

China’s Defense Minister Dong Jun recently delivered a powerful message at the 21st Shangri-La Dialogue summit in Singapore, warning that anyone who tries to separate Taiwan from China will face “self-destruction.” This statement reaffirms China’s commitment to the reunification of Taiwan with the mainland. In his address, Admiral Dong called on the “forces for Taiwan […]

‘Stolen Covid-19 Relief Funds Linked to Record-Breaking Botnet’

The United States Department of Justice made a major announcement on Wednesday, revealing charges against a 35-year-old Chinese national named Yunhe Wang. Wang is accused of operating a massive botnet that is allegedly linked to a wide range of criminal activities, including fraud, child exploitation, and bomb threats. Wang, who also goes by aliases such […]

Chinese tourists are increasingly choosing affordable destinations, boosting local economies.

Chinese travelers are increasingly choosing domestic destinations over international tourist spots, with only 14% of high-income households that traveled abroad last year planning to do so again in 2024. The primary reasons for this shift include the abundance of domestic travel options and the high cost of international travel. Traveling within mainland China is significantly […]

How can people in Asia de-risk from America?

Geopolitical Uncertainty Drives Wealth Managers to Seek Alternatives In a world increasingly defined by geopolitical tensions, wealthy individuals and companies are reevaluating their exposure to certain markets and currencies. The recent case of a Taiwanese billionaire seeking a new wealth manager due to concerns about China-U.S. tensions is just one example of this trend. As […]

China urges Japan and South Korea to oppose ‘protectionism’

The recent trilateral summit between China, Japan, and South Korea held in Seoul emphasized the importance of rejecting protectionism and upholding free trade. Chinese Premier Li Qiang expressed his opposition to turning economic and trade issues into political games, emphasizing the need for cooperation and partnership among the three countries to promote development. During the […]

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