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Trump is appealing to Libertarian activists and working to prevent them from being swayed by RFK Jr.’s campaign

Donald Trump is making a strategic move to court conservative voters at the Libertarians’ national convention, aiming to sway a skeptical segment that has typically been hesitant to support him. With the party activists wary of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Trump’s appearance is anticipated to shake up the dynamics of the upcoming election. […]

Trump campaign now accepting cryptocurrency donations

Former US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that his campaign will start accepting cryptocurrency donations. The move is seen as a show of solidarity with opponents of what they view as “socialistic government control” over the U.S. financial markets. Supporters of Trump can now donate using any cryptocurrency accepted through the Coinbase Commerce product, […]

Biden generates millions in funds from Bay Area donors, claims his campaign is undervalued

President Biden made a successful trip to Silicon Valley on Friday, where he raised millions of dollars for his reelection campaign. Despite being underestimated by some, Biden pointed out that polls are moving in his favor and that his campaign has garnered support from 1.6 million donors, most of whom contributed less than $200 each. […]

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