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Republican Convention in Texas Parts Ways with Corporate Sponsors

As the Republican Party of Texas shifts away from its traditional corporate allies and embraces a more anti-corporate, anti-elite populist agenda, the state political organization finds itself at a crossroads. The recent election of Abraham George as the party chair signals a departure from the longstanding corporate sponsorships that have characterized the annual Texas Republican […]

Blackstone leads $7.5 billion debt financing for AI startup CoreWeave

CoreWeave, a leading artificial intelligence infrastructure startup, has recently secured a significant amount of funding to further invest in its cloud data centers. After raising $1.1 billion in equity funding, CoreWeave has now raised an additional $7.5 billion in debt financing. The lending round was led by Blackstone’s funds, with participation from Coatue, Carlyle, BlackRock, […]

BlackRock’s Funds are Suppressing Shareholder Rights, Says Boaz Weinstein

Boaz Weinstein is a hedge-fund investor who gained notoriety for being on the winning side of JPMorgan Chase’s $6.2 billion “London Whale” trading loss in 2011. Fast forward to today, Weinstein is now setting his sights on index fund giant BlackRock. Saba Capital, the firm Weinstein founded and leads as chief investment officer, is pushing […]

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