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Reporters Focus on Bird Flu and Weight Loss Medications

KFF Health News continues to deliver insightful and impactful reporting on a wide range of health topics, keeping readers informed and engaged. In a recent interview with “CBS Morning News,” editor-at-large for public health, Céline Gounder, discussed the second case of bird flu found in humans in the United States. This insightful discussion sheds light […]

Understanding Human Cases and Vaccines

The recent detection of bird flu in dairy cows across nine U.S. states has raised concerns among health officials as they monitor and prepare to combat the virus in humans. Despite the low risk to the general public, the presence of the H5N1 strain in livestock and individuals highlights the need for vigilance and effective […]

WebMD Live Event Features Federal Experts Discussing Bird Flu Possible Scenarios

The recent bird flu outbreak among cattle in the United States has prompted multiple government agencies to take action to prevent further spread to humans. With the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, efforts are underway to keep farm workers and the general public safe from the potential risks of the virus. As experts work […]

Raw-Milk Drinkers Remain Unfazed Despite Bird Flu Threat

Amid an unprecedented outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in US dairy cows, health experts are warning against the consumption of raw milk due to the heightened risks involved. The outbreak, the scope of which is still unknown, has raised serious concerns about the safety of raw milk. Despite these warnings, some raw milk enthusiasts remain […]

Journalists Explain Bird Flu, Brain Worms, and New Staffing Requirements in Nursing Homes

KFF Health News senior fellow and editor-at-large for public health Céline Gounder was featured on CBS’ “CBS Mornings” discussing the latest updates on bird flu on May 9. Additionally, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed that a parasitic worm ate part of his brain, sparking intrigue and curiosity among viewers. In another segment on […]

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