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René Redzepi, Noma Chef, Discusses His New Apple TV+ Docuseries

René Redzepi, the renowned chef behind the acclaimed three-Michelin star restaurant Noma, is set to take viewers on a culinary journey like never before in the upcoming docuseries, Omnivore. This food-centric series, exclusively premiering on Apple TV+, puts the spotlight on ingredients and the stories behind them. In a recent announcement, Apple TV+ revealed that […]

The Streaming Services: Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+

Comcast announced on Tuesday that they will be launching a streaming bundle for their cable, broadband, and mobile subscribers. This bundle will include Peacock, Netflix, and Apple TV+ at a discounted rate. The move comes as major media players are teaming up to drive value for users and subscriptions for streaming services. This announcement was […]

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