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Top Photos of the Week: 2025 Rivian R1S, R1T and 2026 Toyota GR GT3

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and designs emerging each year. One of the most exciting updates comes from U.S. EV startup Rivian, which has introduced a major update to its R1S SUV and R1T pickup truck. Beneath the familiar exterior, these electric vehicles now boast a new 1,025-hp quad-motor powertrain, enhancing […]

Q1 2025 Salesforce (CRM) Earnings Report

Salesforce, a leading cloud software vendor, saw its shares drop by as much as 17% in after-hours trading following disappointing revenue results and guidance that fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. The company reported earnings per share of $2.44 (adjusted) versus the expected $2.38, and revenue of $9.13 billion compared to the expected $9.17 billion. […]

Increased Power for All-wheel-drive Models in the 2025 BMW M3

The iconic BMW M3 is getting a major update for the 2025 model year, with the sedan and touring variants set to launch in Australia towards the end of 2024. While the all-wheel drive models will benefit from an increase in power, the rear-wheel drive variants will not receive the same performance upgrades. BMW has […]

The 2025 BMW 3-Series receives enhancements, including mild-hybrid technology

The upcoming release of the 2025 BMW 3-Series is generating excitement among car enthusiasts. This latest update, the second for the current compact sedan, promises to deliver enhanced performance and features for drivers. One of the standout additions to the 2025 3-Series is the introduction of a 48-volt mild-hybrid system for both the standard 2.0-liter […]

Audi RS5 Avant spotted during testing in 2025

The 2025 Audi RS5 Avant has been spotted undergoing testing in Germany, signaling the imminent arrival of Audi Sport’s first high-performance plug-in hybrid. The RS5 Avant is set to replace the RS4 Avant in Audi’s lineup, embodying the brand’s shift towards using even numbers for electric models, such as the A4 and A6, while reserving […]

Top 14 Everyday Sunglasses for 2025: Featuring Meta Ray-Ban, JINS, and more

Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory, they are an essential tool for protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays and reducing glare. Different sunglasses come with various coatings that can enhance their protective abilities and improve our vision. Understanding these coatings can help you choose the best sunglasses for your needs. One common coating […]

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