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The president criticizes Milwaukee as a ‘horrible’ city before Republican convention

Former President Donald Trump’s recent comments calling Milwaukee a “horrible” city and claiming that it is overrun by crime have sparked controversy and criticism from Democrats. In a meeting with House Republicans, Trump’s remarks were reported by various media outlets, drawing a response from the Trump campaign, which denied that he referred to Milwaukee as […]

Several Senate Republicans who distanced themselves from Trump following Jan. 6 are now advocating for his return to the White House

The recent return of Donald Trump to Capitol Hill to meet with Senate Republicans marks a stunning turnaround from just three years ago when he had few friends left in the Senate. After being declared “practically and morally responsible” for the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, many GOP senators distanced themselves from him, […]

Trump proposes reduced corporate taxes for CEOs, Biden highlights his commitment to global alliances.

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Jeffrey Zients, recently met with the Business Roundtable to discuss tax policies and economic strategies. Trump expressed his desire to further reduce the corporate tax rate, while Biden’s representative highlighted the importance of global alliances for businesses. During the closed-door meeting, Trump proposed cutting […]

FBI agent undergoes further cross-examination in Hunter Biden’s gun trial, with first lady in attendance once more

The ongoing trial of Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has captured national attention as federal prosecutors seek to prove that he lied on a form to purchase a firearm. The trial has delved into Hunter Biden’s personal struggles with addiction, with testimony revealing the depth of his drug problem. First lady Jill Biden […]

Libertarians select Chase Oliver as presidential nominee, rejecting Trump and Kennedy

The Libertarian Party made headlines on Sunday as they nominated party activist Chase Oliver for president, selecting him over former President Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Oliver’s victory at the party’s convention has sparked interest in third-party candidates in the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Historically, third-party candidates have struggled to make an impact […]

Trump is appealing to Libertarian activists and working to prevent them from being swayed by RFK Jr.’s campaign

Donald Trump is making a strategic move to court conservative voters at the Libertarians’ national convention, aiming to sway a skeptical segment that has typically been hesitant to support him. With the party activists wary of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Trump’s appearance is anticipated to shake up the dynamics of the upcoming election. […]

Trump initially expresses openness to contraception restrictions before retracting statement

Former President Donald Trump’s recent comments on contraception have sparked controversy and speculation about his stance on reproductive rights. In an interview with a Pittsburgh television station, Trump hinted at the possibility of supporting regulations on contraception, suggesting that a future Trump administration might consider imposing mandates or supporting state restrictions on access to birth […]

Donald Trump to Speak at NRA Convention in Texas, Touting Himself as the Top President for Gun Owners

Former President Donald Trump is set to address thousands of members of the National Rifle Association in Texas, following a campaign stop in Minnesota amidst his hush money trial. Trump, known for his support of the Second Amendment, has positioned himself as a staunch advocate for gun owners and has been dubbed “the best friend […]

Montana’s attorney general admits to recruiting token primary opponent to boost fundraising efforts

Montana Attorney General Admits to Skirting Campaign Finance Laws In a surprising revelation, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen confessed to supporters that he manipulated the state‚Äôs campaign finance laws by recruiting another Republican to run against him as a token candidate in the upcoming primary election. The purpose of this strategic move was to allow […]

Biden and Trump engage in heated exchange before agreeing to 2 presidential debates in June and September

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have agreed to hold two campaign debates in the upcoming months. The first debate will be hosted by CNN on June 27, with the second debate scheduled for September 10 on ABC. This agreement comes after Biden announced that he would not participate in fall presidential debates […]

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