Supreme Court Term Concludes with a Bang

Supreme Court Term Concludes with a Bang

The Supreme Court had a busy year with health-related cases, tackling issues like abortion, the opioid epidemic, and homelessness. One significant decision that could have lasting implications is the overturning of the Chevron doctrine, which required courts to defer to federal agencies in interpreting laws. This decision could shake up how the federal government oversees health care policy and other areas.

In a special episode of “What the Health?”, legal director Sarah Somers joins host Julie Rovner to discuss the Supreme Court’s decisions on these health-related cases. They delve into cases like Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, which challenged the Chevron doctrine, and grants Pass v. Johnson, which addressed whether localities can bar homeless people from sleeping in public spaces.

The conversation also covers abortion cases like Food and Drug Administration v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine and Moyle v. United States, as well as the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case. The episode sheds light on the potential impacts of these rulings on health care policies and patients.

Somers and Rovner explore the implications of these decisions on health care and the legal landscape. They discuss the potential chaos and disruptions that could arise from the court’s ruling on administrative deference and the impact on health care policies and regulations.

Overall, the podcast episode provides an insightful analysis of the Supreme Court’s health-related cases and their implications for the future of health policy. It highlights the complexities and consequences of these legal decisions on health care access, patient care, and regulatory oversight. The discussion offers a comprehensive view of the intricate legal issues surrounding health care and underscores the importance of these court rulings in shaping the health care landscape.